Mumbai Rain

A website and identity design project aimed at delivering a fresh, youthful postcard-like site, which predicts micro weather (for a 3km radius) and allows for instant feedback on aspects of life typically affected by the rain in Mumbai - weather, traffic, information and social networks.

Studio Code was invited by Skymet to design and brand the logo and website for this new venture. We worked in conjunction with OnSumaye which handled the coding and management of the website.

Mumbai Rain is a new business venture by Skymet, India’s first private weather forecasting company. The website which was envisioned as a technology demonstrator and social networking interface provides an accurate forecast of the weather in Mumbai within a 3 km radius for a 7 day period. Mumbai is extremely affected by the onslaught of the monsoon rains every year and the rain quantity can vary drastically throughout the city. The website demonstrates the differences in rainfall, sky conditions and temperatures in Mumbai by neighborhood. It allows users to compare expected rainfall with historical conditions. It also allows for people to blog, photograph and post their experiences of the rain, a natural event which truly unites the city.

The website was designed to target a younger cross section of residents and business travelers. The design was intended to be youthful, graphically powerful, interactive and contemporary. Studio Code designed the logo, color palette, visual graphics and interface. The logo is used as a motif in metering the quantity of rainfall and forecasting the weather.