JWT Office, Hyderabad

For the interiors of the JWT office in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, we were inspired by the stories and pitches that are a mandatory part of the world of Advertising. We decided to employ the graphic novel as a means of telling the ‘story of the space’ in three possible ways.

Our main goal with this presentation was to capture the imagination of our client’s, the way their advertising campaigns often capture ours. This helped frame our idea – to present concepts as stories of what the space could be, and not merely layout possibilities. In the stories we explored mythology, theater and technology as the three formal drivers of the design.

Each story was a panel with the story and design interpretation coexisting to give an overview of what the idea was, along with how it its physical manifestation. We also framed precedent studies to show other offices exemplifying how objects and elements can be used as a design springboard to create an internal spatial narrative.


    Amrita Dasgupta, Rajiv Bhakat


    Karan Gupta